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3rd Space World Conference

Collaboration with International has created a sustainable business model, facilitating a dynamic environment where our guests meet for collaboration and share their information and knowledge with others. This is where the boundaries between the physical and virtual have faded. This so called Third Space does not only offer a unique experience, it goes one step further. We aim to add value to our value network, and to enable the transformation of everyone who comes in contact with this value network. A community where people can add value through sharing their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. Inspire and be inspired!
Read more about S2M here. offers a variety of opportunities for collaboration. Would you like to be part of our value-network with your own (existing or new) location? Then follow these steps:

1) Familiarise yourself with our vision and core values, do they match yours?
2) Then visit a physical or virtual Introduction to the S2M Concept Meeting and connect with local (online) communities
3) Create your business plan and social strategy
4) Build your community
5) Sign your S2M license

P.S. If you are interested in joining S2M International, please read through the information available and follow the steps on this website before contacting us. More information is available here!

Are you still left with questions? Please contact us via myown @

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